Work With Us is a workplace-based program that supports Canadians living with depression and/or arthritis by giving them the tools they need to actively self-manage, lead healthier lives and fully engage in work. This bilingual program will be made available across Canada and will target both employees living with depression and/or arthritis, employers and their colleagues.


Until March 31, 2016, This program is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program, Work With Us is a three year initiative that has been developed collaboratively by Mood Disorders Society of Canada and The Arthritis Society.

The project is targeting workplaces and providing information to both employers and employees on how they can support an environment of inclusion.  See how we’re doing:  Year 1 Annual Report Summary, Year 2 Annual Report Summary.

What the Program Offers

  • One to two hour presentations customized to specific audiences including employees,managers, team leads, supervisors, senior executives, business owners and human resources professionals.
  • Presentations that educate audiences on what depression and/or arthritis are, how they can impact your life and how they can be managed.
  • Through online and face-to-face sessions create open discussion to encourage participants to ask questions, share their lived experiences and test drive self-management tips and tools.
  • Videos and testimonials with individuals who share personal accounts on how self-management techniques have allowed them to live well and actively engage in work.
  • Downloadable awareness materials, including posters and handouts that dispel myths and stigma as well as provide tips on how to effectively self-manage depression and/or arthritis.
  • An online learning environment where project materials can be accessible to those who want to get involved with hosting a session or engage in self-study.
  • An ongoing discussion on social media about what we can do better to address myths and ensure the needs of Canadians living with depression and/or arthritis are better met in the workplace.