Work With Us supports the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s voluntary standard to provide guidelines for Canadian employers that will enable them to develop and continuously improve psychological health and safety at work. For more information on this, please download Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace – Prevention, Promotion and Guidances to Staged Implementation.

We also follow the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines and promote physical activity in all of our sessions! Moving for mental health is an important part of maintaining our well being.

MDSC’s What Better Feels Like

In 2011, Mood Disorders Society of Canada went across Canada interviewing ten people who had experienced depression at some point in their lives. The project, What Better Feels Like, resulted in two reports: What Better Feels Like: Answers from People Who Have Experienced Depression and What Better Feels Like: A Guide to Maintaining Wellness.

Interviewees were provided with seven key questions in advance of their question period so that they would be able to provide an in-depth account of what they had experienced. While many of the participants found the questions to be quite challenging, their responses were quite profound.

More videos can be viewed here:

Arthritis Society Resources

The Arthritis Society has also developed Arthritis in the Workplace, a comprehensive guide to managing your arthritis at work, in addition other resources including Top 10 Exercises and Physical Activity and Arthritis. Other resources can be found on their Printed Publications page. A new stretching video has just been released here:

A video segment on what it’s like to live with arthritis throughout the day has also been produced and can be viewed here:

A webinar video from Mood Disorders Work With Us Program. Managing Depression and Arthritis in the Workplace