Mood Disorders Society of Canada

On November 16, 2010, Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) launched an initiative called Workplace Wednesdays. Every Wednesday they launched an educational series on mental health for the workplace, posting it on their website and promoting it through social media to get the discussion going across Canada on workplace mental health.

The goal here was to get organizations to take an informed look at their workplaces and implement resources, policies and supports to improve the wellbeing of their staff and organizations.

MDSC’s Mental Health in the Workplace Series is still available on their website, where you will find the following modules:

The Arthritis Society

In September 2010, The Arthritis Society published their guide, Arthritis in the Workplace, which features a series of helpful tips for managing arthritis day-to-day at work. They showcase a number of helpful planning tools, ergonomic aids and health tips in this publication.

The Arthritis Society have a list of available resources under “Exercising Regularly,” which features ‘Top 10 Exercises’ that can be done at work, to maintain physical health.

They have also developed a series of workshops aimed at supporting individual who face depression across Canada. Visit their website, click on “Education” on the left and choose your “Choose Your Location” at the top. These workshops include: